New nails

My current acrylic nails I made for myself, getting better at it for each time XD

Acrylic nails

Well I am self-learning to sculpt acrylic nails
It is going to take forever until I get even close to be good at it, but at least I think it is fun to make XD

My second set of nails I ever made:

Changed design for New years:

Third design I made:

Whole new third set, first time I tried glitter, so it is faaar away from perfect XD:

Nail sculpting, acrylic nails

So my first attempt on sculpting acrylic nails, for the very first time I guess they’re ok  :P
I have never even had acrylic nails before, and just watched them being made on my sister once
It took forever too, but fun as hell :D
nails nails nails nails <3

Leopard nails


Nail stuffs

Me and my sister tried fimo and glitter to the nails for the first time.
The result was, well…. maybe not perfect but we had a lot of fun.
Especially when things went bad for the other person hehehe  >:D

(Nope, I don’t care that my nails are different lenghts)

The hair without the dreads buhuu ://

So I took out the dreads, coloured and cut my hair a bit, feeling bald with my nordic non existent hair XD

Eyeshadow palettes

Bought some new shadows from Cutedigital at Ebay, can’t wait until they get here! ^_^
I was looking for some smaller palettes that is easier to travel with and I found these

Synthetic pastel dreads

Like cousin it hehe

The dreads I have in now, will take them out in a week or so and theeen I will install my new dreads project I am working on right now ^_^

Lime Crime lipsticks – I want them aaall! <3

Get them here: Lime crime

new dreads in the making hehe

Baby blue dreaddie
All alone in the world….  >:D