Bambi-isch Photoshoot

Photo: Radiosuicide Photography
Models: PiNkY and Saru
Jumpsuits: PiNkY of Sweden


Me and Mewrhewr Unicorn was up on the roof, in an abandoned old silo, there were only stairs up which took forever to walk up and I thought I was going to die from exhaustion XD

But it was well worth it, awesome view over the city! Guess I ain’t afraid of heights :)
Photo by Mewrhewr and yeah, I made everything I’m wearing, even the dreads, well okey not the tights or scarf tho  ^_^

Pikachu jumpsuit for Polli

Another Pokemon jumpsuit ^_^

MH Abbey inspired accessories

Made accessories, MH Abbey inspired!
Pictures from customer :)
Customer gallery

Teddiursa pokemon jumpsuit for Sabina

An order I made before christmas ^_^

Inspiration, customer wanted this but darker teddy coloring:


Finished garment:

Pic from happy customer:

Baby kigurumi ^_^

Pokemon Pachirisu Kigurumi  for a baby ^_^ Made the tail into a toy that rattles when you shake it, attached to the Kigu with velcro

Shoe and cap makeover ^_^

Changed a cap and a pair of boots —> PiNkY style!
I am really happy with the result and it was a lot of fun too, a great deal of hand stitching but I like that :)

Pokemon jumpsuits

Custom made jumpsuit Clefairy pokemon for Cybernetique

Clefairy and Skitty pokemon dance!
Cybernetique and me in our jumpsuits that I made for us ^_^

Loki coat for Robert

One of this years Halloween Custom orders, Loki coat :)
Customer gallery

What is happening?

From now on I will be designing and sewing on full time,
so I am taking comissions and custom orders again (didn’t really have a break from it anyway)
It could be anything from change a broken zipper to an evening gown.
I do live in Sweden so my english might be a bit off  o__O and you swedes can ofcourse write to me in swedish XD

I have some plans for the webshop as well, but we will see, still just plans ^_^

Great with autumn/ winter by the way! You can finally start using all the knits :P
I really love cosy knitted sweaters! <3

Me in knitted cap hehe