Pokemon jumpsuits

Custom made jumpsuit Clefairy pokemon for Cybernetique

Clefairy and Skitty pokemon dance!
Cybernetique and me in our jumpsuits that I made for us ^_^

Loki coat for Robert

One of this years Halloween Custom orders, Loki coat :)
Customer gallery

Nail sculpting, acrylic nails

So my first attempt on sculpting acrylic nails, for the very first time I guess they’re ok  :P
I have never even had acrylic nails before, and just watched them being made on my sister once
It took forever too, but fun as hell :D
nails nails nails nails <3

Leopard nails


Shoe shopping!

So I was a little bit depressed over my computer that needs some expensive shit replaced so I bought some shoes, logic a la Pinky XD
I have over 30 pairs of shoes, well before I had over 50 but did some “spring” cleaning a while back ^_^

What is happening?

From now on I will be designing and sewing on full time,
so I am taking comissions and custom orders again (didn’t really have a break from it anyway)
It could be anything from change a broken zipper to an evening gown.
I do live in Sweden so my english might be a bit off  o__O and you swedes can ofcourse write to me in swedish XD

I have some plans for the webshop as well, but we will see, still just plans ^_^

Great with autumn/ winter by the way! You can finally start using all the knits :P
I really love cosy knitted sweaters! <3

Me in knitted cap hehe

Skirt for Hanna

Custom order ^_^

Friday 13th

Tried fimo again..result..pending lols

Aaaand this is me on  my way to singstar partying at a friends house , friday 13th ^_^
Only bad thing that happened was that my nail stuffs fell off during the night, well not all of them but..many XD

Bag for Klara

Sportsbag  ^_^

Nail stuffs

Me and my sister tried fimo and glitter to the nails for the first time.
The result was, well…. maybe not perfect but we had a lot of fun.
Especially when things went bad for the other person hehehe  >:D

(Nope, I don’t care that my nails are different lenghts)