What is happening?

From now on I will be designing and sewing on full time,
so I am taking comissions and custom orders again (didn’t really have a break from it anyway)
It could be anything from change a broken zipper to an evening gown.
I do live in Sweden so my english might be a bit off  o__O and you swedes can ofcourse write to me in swedish XD

I have some plans for the webshop as well, but we will see, still just plans ^_^

Great with autumn/ winter by the way! You can finally start using all the knits :P
I really love cosy knitted sweaters! <3

Me in knitted cap hehe

Skirt for Hanna

Custom order ^_^

Sweater for Frida :)

Custom made short sweater with chains
Customer gallery

Update: Recieved some more pics
Photo: Pandapod

Fluffy short legwarmers for TC

Custom order ^_^

Lime Crime lipsticks – I want them aaall! <3

Get them here: Lime crime


This is me, the designer behind PiNkY of Sweden ^_^
Made some changes to a jacket I bought from H&M a while back
This is what it looked like before
PiNkYs Closet

50′s dress for Johanna :)

Custom made dress for Johanna :)
Customer gallery

New additions to the shop

Some new garments for sale in the shop! ^_^

Short jacket

Pleated skirt/belt

Photo: Belinda Bärtzner
Model: Polli

Photo: Belinda Bärtzner
Model: Polli

Visual Kei inspired sweater for Fredrik

Made a sweater with lots of details, designed after customers written list of stuff he likes ^_^
Customer gallery

Jeans fix ;P

PiNkYs Closet