Me and Mewrhewr Unicorn was up on the roof, in an abandoned old silo, there were only stairs up which took forever to walk up and I thought I was going to die from exhaustion XD

But it was well worth it, awesome view over the city! Guess I ain’t afraid of heights :)
Photo by Mewrhewr and yeah, I made everything I’m wearing, even the dreads, well okey not the tights or scarf tho  ^_^

Skirt for Hanna

Custom order ^_^

Friday 13th

Tried fimo again..result..pending lols

Aaaand this is me on  my way to singstar partying at a friends house , friday 13th ^_^
Only bad thing that happened was that my nail stuffs fell off during the night, well not all of them but..many XD

Bag for Klara

Sportsbag  ^_^


Thought I’d show you dreads I had in the past and the ones I have in now ^_^
Aaaand have a new project for my next ones :)
Thinking of wrapped thick dreads in apricotblonde and pink, but we’ll see how that goes hehe
Love dreads <3

Set 1:
My first dreads, some I did myself and some I bought and some borrowed
~70SE and some DE

Set 2:
This was the first whole set I did myself
White candycanes/wrapped dreads  in different thickness and lengths

Set 3:
Made by Monrou

Set 4:
Made by Monrou
Different shades of brown and blonde
Almost only candycanes

Set 5:
The ones I have atm, made them myself
Silver, candyfloss pink and mojito green
Transitionals and candycanes in different lengths


This is me, the designer behind PiNkY of Sweden ^_^
Made some changes to a jacket I bought from H&M a while back
This is what it looked like before
PiNkYs Closet

50′s dress for Johanna :)

Custom made dress for Johanna :)
Customer gallery

New additions to the shop

Some new garments for sale in the shop! ^_^

Short jacket

Pleated skirt/belt

Photo: Belinda Bärtzner
Model: Polli

Photo: Belinda Bärtzner
Model: Polli

Custom made size skirt for Hanna

Customer gallery


Photo: Peter Brud

Visual Kei inspired sweater for Fredrik

Made a sweater with lots of details, designed after customers written list of stuff he likes ^_^
Customer gallery