Me and a friend Saru fooling around with my camera, kinda trying to learn how it works ^_^

Edit by Saru:

Edit by me:

No edit, just me walking and stretching? on a mountain haha:


What is happening?

From now on I will be designing and sewing on full time,
so I am taking comissions and custom orders again (didn’t really have a break from it anyway)
It could be anything from change a broken zipper to an evening gown.
I do live in Sweden so my english might be a bit off  o__O and you swedes can ofcourse write to me in swedish XD

I have some plans for the webshop as well, but we will see, still just plans ^_^

Great with autumn/ winter by the way! You can finally start using all the knits :P
I really love cosy knitted sweaters! <3

Me in knitted cap hehe

Synthetic pastel dreads

Like cousin it hehe

The dreads I have in now, will take them out in a week or so and theeen I will install my new dreads project I am working on right now ^_^

new dreads in the making hehe

Baby blue dreaddie
All alone in the world….  >:D

Love pastel <3

Played around with my camera and my friend Saru, who is the photographer ^_^
Find corset in the shop here –> Corset with stars

Pastel kanekalon for dreads

My next dreads will be in these colors, but I think only two of them
I have trouble choosing so don’t know when they will be done haha  >.<


Thought I’d show you dreads I had in the past and the ones I have in now ^_^
Aaaand have a new project for my next ones :)
Thinking of wrapped thick dreads in apricotblonde and pink, but we’ll see how that goes hehe
Love dreads <3

Set 1:
My first dreads, some I did myself and some I bought and some borrowed
~70SE and some DE

Set 2:
This was the first whole set I did myself
White candycanes/wrapped dreads  in different thickness and lengths

Set 3:
Made by Monrou

Set 4:
Made by Monrou
Different shades of brown and blonde
Almost only candycanes

Set 5:
The ones I have atm, made them myself
Silver, candyfloss pink and mojito green
Transitionals and candycanes in different lengths

Synthetic dreads DE

Today it was sickness of doom for me..greeeat sunday
BUT when the pain started to go away and I had slept for a while I made some dreads ^_^
They’re kind of lumpy and ugly but I love the colors <3
New never-ending-project with dreadsmaking  XD